Products Details

  • Model:
  • Dimension:
  • Display:
    LCD digital display
  • Rated range of cuff pressure:
    0kPa~40kPa (0mmHg~300mmHg)
  • Measuring Range:
    4kPa~37.33kPa (30mmHg~280mmHg)
    Pulse: 40~180/min
  • Accuracy:
    Pressure: within ± 0.4kPa (3mmHg)
    Pulse: within ± 5% of the reading
  • Work Mode:
    Automatic inflation and measurement
  • Measuring Method:
    Oscillometric method
  • Power source:
    4X1.5V “AA” batteries or AC adapter DC6V
  • Cuff:
    BF applied part
  • Cuff Circumference:
    Fit arm circumference 23~33cm
  • Accessories:
    Arm cuff, user manual